How We Use Art To Inspire

innercityartArt is one of the few things that people of all ages and backgrounds can do. There is no right or wrong in art. Just personal creative ability to be used as that person sees fit. That is why art with children can be so inspiring. Children can inspire themselves with a piece of paper and a box of crayons. Let their own minds inspire them. To prompt a childs clear mind with an idea or cue is not really inspiring anything. You are prompting them to stop thinking about what they came up with and moved them along the lines of what we want them to be inspirired by.

The theology of inspiration means a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. That explains it well. Using art to inspire children is a great creative outlet for them to express their personal feeling and emotions. Most children will do this without knowing that is what is going on. That is what makes the process so innocent and revealing. The subconcious mind coming through and expressing itself without anything getting in the way. Revealing on a deeper level the true motivation of certain behaviors.

Ways to inspire children through art is as easy as you want it to be. The form of art used will be a factor on the level of inspiration you want to achieve. Finger paints are a different level than colored pencils, and working with clay takes it to another level yet. The more senses we let children use in their art projects the more inspired they will become.

A new level of involvement will be created. Using as many senses as possible is the key to unlocking their own individual inspiration. Music is an awesome venue for artistic inspiration and expression, not during lessons with the piano teacher, the practice afterwards when there is nobody there to correct their “mistakes”. Some times we put kids into a box and expect them to be creative and that is sad.I know there is to be structure, rules, and boundaries. However it is nice to watch children inspire themselves with a media their givin, to express that natural creative side of their own personal character. This is where true art comes from. The mind developing it’s own set of rules and boundaries. Allowing that natural unhindered creative expression flow and to develop its own inspiration in the creation they are making at the time.

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